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  • how do i tone my 613 blonde human hair wig
    you can dip dye the wig using purple shampoo and warm water, we recomend steeping for 10 minutes and check, for more silver looks steep for longer. please note: colouring your wigs is optional to you. please check our youtube channel for step by steps and please be aware this is at your own risk. if in doubt a qualified colourist is reccomended.
  • How can i securely attach my wig?
    you will need: scisors, hair dryer, wig cap (matches your skin tone), adhesive : gots2be freeze spray or wig glue of your own choice. 1. cut the lace to fit around your hairline, dont forget to cut space to fit around your ear tops. 2. comb your hair back into a small bun at the base of your nech/back of head, for long hair make two braids and secure at the back. apply wig cap onto. 3. place your wig in position, apply the adhesive along the inner/under lace at the edge hold against the skin firmly. 4. use the cool hair from the hairdryer to set the adhesive. (check out our youtube channel for step by step videos also)
  • are your wigs human hair?
    we have both options, see our human hair section or our website for the collection or our synthetic wigs section for the non human hair collection.
  • how do i order a customised wig?
    our limited edition, customisd wigs are sold as they are made, each one is uniqe and hand coloured, of course this is time consuming and requires upmost care for detail. please see our "new arrivals" section as every monday 10am our new styles will be up! dont forget to subscribe to be the first to see the styles before they launch.
  • do you hand make all your wigs?
    my synthetic wigs, no. i have my own manufacturer to machine make the synthetic wigs that i wish to retail, human hair wigs are both hand made (lace at top) and machine sewn (tracks), i chose to retail half lace frontals so that my customers can add extra tracks/bundles in the future should they wish to. full lace wigs means i can not, the lace is transparent and thin, therefor won't support the weight or the tracks. all my coloured wigs are all hand coloured by me, i'm not a colourist but im developing my skills as i build the brand the prices will reflect the quality of the colouring details and techniques.
  • can they be dyed?
    synthetic we dont reccomend colouring however at your own risk there is youtube videos using synthetic dye you can research. human hair wigs act like human hair so YES they can be toned, cloured ect however like your own hair i recomend having them coloured professionaly, if you decide to do yourself is at your own risk.
  • do you ship internationaly?
    not yet, we are looking to develope the business as we grow to accomodate our international customers
  • what if i change my mind, or unhappy with my wig?"
    *please see our returns policy due to hygiene reasons we do not accept returns unless, in the unlikely case the wig is faulty, we have return procedure please read in our returns policy section on our website.
  • can i cancel my order?
    once orders have been processed and dispatched they can not be cancled,
  • what can i do if i think my item is faulty?
    if you feel your item is faulty please see our return policy and how we can assis, we also have a contact section on our website to get in touch. rememember custom items are all hand coloured and no two items are the same. we post all human hair wigs images and descriptions indevidualy because of this.
  • what size heads does your wigs fit?
    most of our wigs are medium (22.5'-23") all our wigs are made with an elastic cap and can be tightened or loosened, there is also tooth combs inside to secure also. please read the descitpions in each items sub section before purchasing
  • can i come in and try them on?
    because at the moment we are an e commerce business we dont offer this service, i do however offer a private one to one buying service for those with medican conditions relating to hair loss, this service is conifential and free for those people. This service is by appointment, one on one. please be aware i make these wigs myself aswell as running another business, the influx of customers means i physically cant offer this service to everone. when we expant the business and optain a retail premesis, we can offer alternative services and we will have a 30% price increase to sustain the business costs when that time comes.
  • i have thick hair, will my wig look bulky?"
    if you have long, thick hair we recomend having your hair pleated small (corn rows) against your scalp flat, having thicker hair we also recomend a lower density wig so it doesnt look too "bulky". theres lots of youtbe videos on how to do this.
  • im completely bald can i wear these wigs?
    absoloutely, you can wear any of the wigs and you can attach them with wig adhesive or the gots 2 be freeze spray, see out youtube channel how to do this.
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