Our high quality synthetic wigs come pre styled with a lace frontal that you can trim to your desired length. You can style wigs with heat up to 150 degrees but please do not attempt to colour/dye the fibres. Please be aware these units are NOT human hair and the price reflects the standard of quality. These units are designed for occasional wear and not everyday wear like out human hair units.

Care recommendations: to apply with "gots2be" glue spray on the under park of the lace and use cool hair from your hairdryer to set. Use your own foundation shade to blend into your skin tone if desired. To keep the fibres soft apple ORS olive oil spray sparingly .

                                           HUMAN HAIR WIGS

 human hair wigs come in the typical body wave style or straight so you can style to any preference (straight or curls), suitable to colour, wash as you would normal hair.

the wigs come pre plucked with hd swiss lace. 

please be aware as these are half machine half hand tied wigs no two are identical there may be slight differences as any item hand made would, all our wigs are quality checked before retailing. initial slight shedding is normal after the first wash or colouring just like any human hair when you apply bleach/ heat or strenuous styling. Our wigs are made with the highest quality, luxury, real human hair.

when drying, styling and storage we recommend a canvas wig head to work on, keeping the care of your wig to a high standard (amazon has an affordable selection)

blonde wigs we recommend a deep condition every 8 weeks to maintain their hydration.Blonde wigs have been through a bleaching and toning process, no heat above 210 is advised when drying and styling as human hair can burn just like our own hair can, always use heat protection spray when styling.

pastel and bright coloured wigs are dyed using the watercolour method with semi permanent dye, these shades made fade with washing. We don't recommend sleeping in your wig however if you do colour transfer to pillows, fabric etc are likely.